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Alternatives to trial in IP cases

IP infringement claims normally require a full trial in the High Court or the District Court.
Limitations on the trial process though, such as cost and delay, mean that it is essential to consider whether alternative forms of dispute resolution might be preferable.
Our presenters will be discussing alternatives to pursuing a case through to full trial, such as mediation (facilitated, structured settlement discussions) and arbitration (private adjudication). The speakers will look at these options with a particular focus on how they are used to resolve IP disputes. There will also discussion of the NZ Bar Association’s proposal for a procedure for shorter trials, and how this might speed up IP cases.

Presented by:

  • Mark Kelly, barrister and mediator, Bankside Chambers, Auckland (discussing mediation)
  • Lauren Lindsay, barrister, Bankside Chambers, Auckland (discussing arbitration)
  • Clive Elliott QC, barrister and mediator, Shortland Chambers, Auckland (discussing the shorter trials proposal)
DATE: Thursday, 3 October 2019
TIME: 12:00 pm
VENUES: Offices of James & Wells,
Level 12, KPMG Centre,
85 Alexandra Street,
Offices of James & Wells,
Level 2
222 High Street,
COST: NZ$25.00 Members
NZ$55.00 Non-members
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