There are two methods to submit a membership application for the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

1. Download the Australian Membership Form and send it back to IPSANZ  together with payment by email, facsimile or mail .

2. Fill in the electronic form below, and payment by email, facsimile or mail to:

The Secretariat
G.P.O. Box 2491
Melbourne Vic. 3001
Facsimile: (61 3 ) 9761 2899

A.R.B.N. 056 252 558
A.B.N. 66 056 252 558

Membership will not be valid until payment is received.

Online Application Form

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Membership Category

 Ordinary Member - A$170.00 p.a. (incl $15.45 GST) Judicial member - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST) Technical Assistant - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST) Bar Reader - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST) Articled Clerk - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST) Academic - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST) Retired member - A$145.00 p.a. (incl $13.18 GST)

IPSANZ does not provide details of its members to third parties. IPSANZ is from time to time approached by third parties to distribute materials to its members. If IPSANZ considers the material to be IP related and of potential interest to members, it will electronically distribute such material. Please indicate below if you wish to receive such third party material.
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IPSANZ’s journal, Intellectual Property Forum, is now available to members electronically. Should you wish to continue to receive Intellectual Property Forum in hardcopy, please mark this box.
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